Braces Bus

Johnson Orthodontics has a Braces Bus to take patients to and from their orthodontic check-up appointments during school hours.

Johnson Orthodontics is empathetic to parents and guardians that work outside the home and are not always available to leave work, pick up their child, drive them to the orthodontist, then drive them back to school.

We are trying to make life easier for parents and more convenient to keep children on track with their orthodontic care.

Johnson Orthodontics has a “Braces Bus” to take patients to and from their orthodontic check up appointments during school hours.

The Braces Bus

The Braces Bus is a Ford E-350 15-passenger van that has been fitted with signage by local sign shop Palm Coast Signs, which identifies it as the Braces Bus from Johnson Orthodontics. Parents must pre-arrange a pickup with the student’s school and let Johnson Orthodontics know that they desire pick-up.

Johnson Orthodontics is developing a pick-up schedule, so why not call and find out more?