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Under Armour Mouthguards

Johnson Orthodontics is proud to feature a new line of Performance Mouthwear by UnderArmour. A trusted name in the sports gear industry, UA has brought uniquely designed mouthguards to the scene to protect your teeth, braces, gums and jaw- all while improving your sports performance and keeping you- the athlete- in mind. All of the UA Performance Mouthwear line is made in the USA and is latex free. Call us today for more information on these technologically advanced products.


We carry the following products at our office in Palm Coast:

1. UA Braces

Don't let having braces stop you from playing your favorite contact sport. The UA Braces Mouthguard is designed to fit snugly- protecting both your teeth and braces. The mouthguard has a dentist-like fit, is chew resistant and allows the wearer to talk and breathe with ease. It meets NFHS rules, provides a $32,000 dental warranty and comes in pink or blue.

2. UA ArmourFit

The UA ArmourFit Mouthguard features new technology with a dentist-like fit. Contact sports can put your teeth at risk. Take a preventive and affordable step by using this chew-resistant mouthguard. Athletes can still speak and breathe with ease, as to not interrupt game day precision. The UA ArmourFit comes with a $32,000 dental warranty, meets NFHS rules and comes in a fun array of colors!

    A small piece of equipment with extensive benefits- this is highly recommended for runners, lifters and swimmers alike. Comes with a one-year warranty.

3. UA ArmourBite

There are two crucial elements in optimal sports performance: oxygen intake and reduction of cortisol levels. The ArmourBite Mouthpiece keeps your body's production of cortisol at bay while also allowing you to take in maximum air to increase your endurance and speed. The ArmourBite does this by pivoting the jaw forward with patented PowerWedges, resulting in improved strength and reaction time.

Designed for all NON-contact sports, the mouthpiece is worn on lower teeth and has a low-profile design, minimally impacting speech. The PowerWedges are uniquely shaped to counteract the damaging effects of jaw clenching and keeps appropriate spacing between your teeth.

A small piece of equipment with extensive benefits- this is highly recommended for runners, lifters and swimmers alike. Comes with a one-year warranty.

4. UA ArmourShield

Did that referee's call put a bad taste in your mouth? Not if you were wearing the UA ArmourShield! This unique piece has flavor beads embedded within the mouthguard to deliver long-lasting taste. From bubblegum to orange mint- there's a strain to suit every athlete's palate.

In addition to sweet bursts, the ArmourShield features patented Bite Flex technology to provide higher-impact protection that absorbs energy- guarding the teeth, jaw and gums.

Complete with a convertible strap tether, $32,000 dental warranty and upholding NFHS regulations- you can keep your head in the game, your taste buds satisfied, and know your winning smile is ready to accept that game day trophy.

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